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We help with muscle-building towards

  • Trust, Respect & Collaboration at the level of the Organisation / Community / Team
  • Courage, Discipline & Focus at the level of the Individual.

Our Vision is that:

  • There should be no demand for our services, and
  • We become redundant / extinct. However demand for our services is growing rapidly.

For Organisations

The Opposite of the word “Organisation” is ….. a “Shop”. A Shop is run by, and often for, a Shopkeeper.
An Organisation is built for Reliability, Repeatability, Reusability and Scalability. Via Learnability.
Want to Build an Organisation?

Who Can Benefit?

Our services are sector-agnostic.While any Organization seeking to build capacity and / or nurture ...

How Can We Help?

Find out where is the energy of your Leadership team getting spent, mostly?If it’s Internally to improve...

Our Service Offerings

If there are specific interventions or support you seek, we can partner with you to develop and implement it...

Learning Organisation

In “Organizational Learning: There is no silver bullet” Chris Argyris defines Organizational Learning as ...

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants"

- Isaac Newton


What often keeps a CXO from occupying the ‘Corner Room’ is something he or she should have learnt in kindergarten, but did not! For e.g. they don’t listen, they interrupt others, they won’t share or give credit, they fail to say thank you, they refuse to say they are sorry.” – Marshall Goldsmith, who has also listed 20 Bad Habits that become derailers or limit career growth.

Executive Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to help you develop effective leadership behavior,As you advance in your career, success increasingly depends on your ability to build ...

Team Coaching

In some situations, it is useful to combine individual coaching with team coaching in which you and key members of the team meet together with your coach to enable the team to ...

Some of our clients …