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Leadership, in one word, is Influence.
Influence Others, Influence Outcomes, Influence Lives.
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Nurturing Leaders

In Good to Great, Jim Collins states “If you can’t predict the WHAT, and you can’t, then what’s your ultimate hedge against uncertainty? It’s the WHO.”

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And, as the apocryphal story goes: “One day, the CFO goes to the CEO and says, “What’s the point of paying so much to train our employees if they are going to work for another company anyway?”

The CEO says, “What happens if we don’t train them and they stay on?”.

Thus, Nurturing Leaders.

If Organisational Learning is “the detection and correction of error”, it’s vital to

  • create an organisation of learning individuals
  • engage people at every level of the organisation
  • align people at lower levels in the hierarchy with leadership goals & priorities

Organisational Learning ensures agility & responsiveness to emerging market dynamics in the decision-making & actions of managers closest to customers & processes.