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Building Leadership Team Alignment

‘Alignment, as distinct from agreement, captures the essence of team learning. Alignment means “functioning as a whole.” Building alignment (you never “get there”) is about enhancing a team’s capacity to:

  • think and act with full coordination & a sense of unity
  • use their disagreements to make the collective understanding richer.’– Peter Senge

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As alignment develops, members:

  • live by the “Team First” value where every member commits to subjugate their personal agenda for the common good
  • engage with tough issues and forge strong working relationships
  • think critically about complex issues
  • listen to and incorporate diverse perspectives
  • manage conflict and disagreement
  • commit to a course of action and follow through
  • provide stewardship to the larger organisation

We help leadership teams develop better alignment. The power of this approach is that members help each other become their best selves while pursuing critical business plans & priorities.

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