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Attention is the scarcest resource in the Universe.

We all want to focus our Attention in the direction of our Intention but often struggle with that.

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White Spaces helps Align Attention with Intention. For the Individual, for a Cross-Functional Team / Project Group, for the larger Collective or Community.

And, sometimes the Intention needs to be clarified, chiselled, crisply communicated.

We can help with that too! And The Dance of Change that then ensues.

Attention is either devoted to Problems or to Possibilities. We can help with either or both

And then, Problems are either Controllable OR Uncontrollable. And so on ….

In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert writes, “We gallop through our lives like circus performers balancing on two speeding side-by-side horses - one foot is on the horse called ‘Fate,’ the other is on the horse called ‘Free Will.’ And the question you have to ask every day is - which horse is which? Which horse do I need to stop worrying about because it’s not under my control, and which do I need to steer with concentrated effort?”

Gilbert’s metaphor applies equally well to organisations and their leaders. Across every activity, a business must continually ask itself, Which horse is which? The horse of free will can be steered, but the horse of fate cannot be controlled. Successful people and organisations know how to keep their focus on what they can control. As a result, they waste very little time and energy on the uncontrollable horse.

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