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Leadership, in one word, is Influence.
Influence Others, Influence Outcomes, Influence Lives.
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Leadership Development

We begin by asking the critical question, “What is the type of leadership we want to develop, and why?” The response begins a process that uncovers shared purpose and produces aligned action.

We have helped clients develop & implement co-created programs to nurture & develop leaders and teams across the organisation enterprise. The 70-20-10 Rule for Leadership Development suggests that successful leaders learn within three clusters of experience:

  • 70%: challenging assignments, e.g. cross-functional projects, new business / product launches
  • 20%: developmental relationships, e.g. coaching, shadowing, mentors, and
  • 10%: coursework and training.

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Living by the 70-20-10 Rule, we integrate the leadership development agenda into other training and development activities at the organisation to create real competitive advantage - at every level of the organisation.

If you are seeking help to develop & nurture leaders as a source of competitive advantage, and are open to seeking help, connect with us at [email protected]
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