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The Opposite of the word “Organisation” is ….. a “Shop”. A Shop is run by, and often for, a Shopkeeper.
An Organisation is built for Reliability, Repeatability, Reusability and Scalability. Via Learnability.
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How Can We Help?

Where is the energy of your Leadership team getting spent, mostly?

  • If it’s Internally to improve reliability and / or quality of your operations / delivery / service levels / cashflows, read on.
  • If it’s Externally to recognise & respond to existing & emerging opportunities in the eco-system, click here

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Does one or more of the following happen in your organisation?

  • are unable to focus on our marathon, we keep getting distracted by our competitor’s sprint
  • do not get enough authentic early-warning signals for timely course-correction for many of our initiatives / projects
  • struggle to hold our people accountable for committed outcomes and / or have multiple versions of the “Truth”
  • communicate “soft” Performance Ratings because we shy away from “harsh” realities
  • defer or struggle to have “difficult” conversations, towards desired outcomes
  • tolerate “unacceptable” behaviours from “high” performers

Our People

  • are always busy, working long hours; yet we struggle to grow profitably and sustainably
  • are “othering” the problem, i.e. blaming others, competitors, environment for under-achievement
  • are territorial about turf / silos and / or focus on functional excellence over business performance
  • over-promise & under-deliver consistently; and there are always “good” reasons
  • avoid breaking bad news early, or even asking for timely help
  • declare Victory early & then the System bites us with a lag!

If any of this sounds familiar, and you are open to seeking help, connect with us at [email protected] Or +91 98994 80006/ +971 55 759 3609 .