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Team Coaching

Some relationships are as difficult as they are essential.

In some situations, it is useful to combine individual coaching with team coaching in which you and key members of the team meet together with your coach to enable the team to bring out the best in each other towards desired business outcomes.

Some relationships are as difficult as they are essential. Team members may see things very differently and their personal styles may add to the challenge of working together. If their differences can be put to work for a common purpose, it can be a great source of strength. But if they don’t work together well, it can disable the leadership team & ripple down the organisation In difficult relationships, typically each person believes that others should change. The fallacy is in assuming that an individual should change independently of the relationship.

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Our focus is on working with the team to reflect on the relationships, inviting introspection around:

  • assumptions each person makes about the others
  • ways that each reacts to how others behave
  • blind spots each has about the impact of his or her actions on others.

With all affected parties in the room, we work directly on these factors.
If you feel the need for team coaching support, reach out to us.