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Mergers & Acquisition Integration

Q: What are mergers all about?
A: They are about integration.

Q: What is integration about?
A: Integration is about ‘oneness’; it is about being ‘whole’.

Most mergers do not achieve intended results or benefits. Most mergers are painful. Most mergers take longer to integrate than visualized. During the integration process if market conditions change, the integration can become irrelevant. Integration also involves power-politics, often ignoring the rationale and purpose of the merger. Some mergers completely dissolve the identity of one party; some mergers lose identities of both parties and mutate.

It doesn’t have to be so. Mergers can be positive, pleasant and wholesome. Merger integration efforts are best started at the time of the ‘partner search’ – not after shareholders have inked the deal.

The list of Integration best practices is familiar. Focus on synergies. Move quickly. Ensure Business Continuity. Communicate. Plan for human and cultural issues. Yet, more than half of the mergers fail to unlock value, demonstrating how difficult it is to execute these tasks.

We help our clients to

  1. Leverage the value of the Merger,

  2. Achieve the efficiencies planned and

  3. Create a new culture of performance - one that imbibes positive elements of the parent cultures and is yet a distinct, powerful entity in itself.

We work with our clients to create a detailed Integration management plan that encompasses certain key levers:

Detailed Integration Plan

We believe that two key enablers for a successful M&A are:

  • SPEED: We work with the client to maintain a sense of urgency throughout the integration process with enough checks built-in, for mid-course corrections, as required.

  • COMMUNICATION: On-going communication prevents the grapevine from taking over! We provide business leaders with “scripts” for employee communication fora to ensure that messaging is clear and consistent to basic questions that are top of mind of all employees like "Will my job stay?", "What about my role?", "What about my pay, benefits and level / title?". Honesty helps Hugely!


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