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Execution & Alignment

Building an Execution Culture

Do you believe that putting an execution environment in place is hard, but losing it is easy?

It is a known fact that irrespective of how robust the business strategy is, it is flawless execution that determines whether a business succeeds or not. A solid bottom line requires strong leaders at the front line. Execution is a central part of a company's strategy and goals and the most important job of any leader.

Our approach to building a sustainable and execution culture aims at alignment of the three core processes - business strategy, operating plan, and people process to get things done on time.

We help our clients to build and sustain an Execution Culture by empowering them to:

  • Ask the right questions while avoiding the wrong questions - effective communication styles that help execution culture flourish

  • Ensure that business execution does not become just another "flavour of the month" fad that lasts a few months, then disappears

  • Link rewards to performance - effectively reward the team for executing well

Improving Alignment and Business Performance

There are three levels of performance in any organisation:

  1. Organisational level - the performance desired by the organisation

  2. Process level - the performance required of all processes so that organisational goals are met

  3. Role (Person) level - the performance required of all jobs in order to achieve process level performance

Within the context of the business and constraints of real world, our Business Performance Improvement consulting:

  1. is about closing the gap between current results and desired results

  2. begins with business performance analysis

  3. follows a systematic process


We focus on bridging gaps in organisational and process performance, NOT Functional or Unit Performance. This approach effectively manages the “white spaces” in the organisation, thereby reducing impact of “silo” or “turf” agendas and improving alignment.

Business Performance


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