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Business Process Optimization

"We get brilliant results consistently from average people managing brilliant processes. We observe that our competitors often get average (or worse) results from brilliant people managing broken processes"
...Eiji Toyoda of Toyota Motors

With continuously changing business trends, there is a lot of pressure on the organisation to accommodate newer tasks, often leading to sub-optimal processes. While most businesses group work together in functional silos, the definition of value is often skewed by each silo. While each silo attempts to optimise its own operations, it does not have full visibility how that impacts the value stream and affects the end customer.

Tasks inevitably “fall between the cracks” at interfaces between the functional silos, as today’s business processes span across multiple functions. Tremendous resources are wasted by “picking up the dropped baton” and “getting the process back on track”. Failing to optimise the overall process leads to value erosion in the value stream, ultimately the end customer receives lesser value.


How White Spaces Consulting can help you?

We are committed to improving business performance and results, NOT delivering pre-packaged, linear solutions.


Our approach to Business Process Optimisation focuses on the customer’s needs. We believe that value perception is defined by the customer, and not by the company, manager or an employee. We examine the value stream vis-_-vis the “as-is” business processes, and identify sub-optimal, repetitive, redundant, and non-value-adding activities. We re-define the “to-be” business processes concomitant with the value stream.

At White Spaces Consulting, we use process-based techniques and deliver performance improvements by eliminating non-value-added work, thus helping clients generate superior Return on Investment (ROI) through:

  1. Improving efficiency - optimising business processes using Lean Management to reduce or eliminate “wastes” like excess inventories, over-production, quality rejections, waiting time, space, energy and even lack of information and knowledge sharing across the business processes.

  2. Reducing costs - identifying cost reduction opportunities by rationalising resource requirements across the entire value chain, leading to better cost and working capital management, and improved “bottom line”.

  3. Increased productivity - minimising number of steps and likely points of failure, and driving decision making to the employee at the “moment of truth” with the customer, within specified delegations to improve profit per employee, employee empowerment, and ultimately both customer and employee satisfaction.

  4. Better process control - improved management of business processes by standardizing working procedures as far as possible, and rationalising control mechanisms. Improving process risk governance and providing better process visibility to the process owners and the executive management.


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