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Performance Measurement, Alignment & Linkage to Pay

“If you are not measuring performance, you are not managing performance”. Of employees, or of the business.

Measures drive behaviour. And behaviours drive performance. Brilliant performance

  1. Is there a common understanding between you and your employees of:
    a. what constitutes “performance”? And “potential”?
    b. how it is to be planned, measured?
    c. how often? And by whom?
    d. how is it to be rewarded? Or punished?
    e. how and why of pay differentials?

  2. Is there proper alignment of performance across:
    a. individuals,
    b. teams or units
    c. processes, and
    d. the organisation?

  3. Do you believe that:
    a. attracting the best talent is the solution to your productivity issues
    b. brilliant people will get you brilliant results

If your answer is mainly “No” to Questions 1 and 2, or possibly “Yes” to Question 3, then it may be time for a rethink.

If you feel you could do with some help, talk to us.

We help you create and sustain a performance management system and culture which helps your employees to contribute at optimum levels through aligned processes.

We support our clients in:

  1. Designing performance planning and management systems with:
    i. clear alignment between performance across levels
    ii. goal setting and feedback management
    iii. visible linkage between performance and rewards, including equity options

  2. Designing and implementing performance oriented development, reward and recognition systems

  3. Creating a performance culture through effective communication and dialogue processes


Services We Offer
Organization and Role Design
Leadership Capability Development
Performance Measurement
Business Process Optimization
Execution and Alignment
M&A Integration
Family Run Businesses

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