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Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Leadership Development must mainly take on the Job, not off-site, or at Harvard!

Most leadership - or management - development efforts focus on leadership skills upgradation. Attacking skills enhancement upfront in leadership development is as successful as pushing a string! While leadership behaviors are "simple to learn, but NOT easy to do!" back at the workplace.

We use a blended approach (primarily based on Ram Charan’s Leadership Pipeline framework) to first address work values, or mindsets, through quality conversations (one-on-one & one-many) and executive coaching. Once there is “buy-in” on work values, focus is shifted to increasing time allocation to practicing desired leadership behaviors. Skill development is a consequence.

We help our clients to build stronger leadership pipelines, thereby ensuring a pool of “ready-now” leaders to face any business challenges that they come across.

Leadership Development Approach

  • IDENTIFY the skills, knowledge, experience, and personality attributes the leaders need to excel in the organization and culture.
  • MAP those who have the strongest leadership potential - so that the resources and attention can be focussed on those who are most likely to succeed.
  • DEVELOP the critical competencies through Executive Coaching and Expert Guidance and feedback on handling work situations.
  • DETERMINE the leader’s readiness to take on higher-level roles so that critical promotion and role assignment decisions can be taken with increased confidence and accuracy.



  • Does your team rely only on your skills, judgements and decisions and look up to you for guidance and direction?
  • Do you fear that things might go horribly wrong if you are away from work for more than a few days?
  • Do you worry about the lack of the management bandwidth to take the organisation to the next level?
  • Are you surrounded by managers who may be delivering results yet…?

You are not alone…

We, at White Spaces, offer focussed Executive Coaching to help “successful people become more successful”.

We help identify what are the one or two behaviours or habits that stand in the way of your managers and the next level of achievement, unless already identified by the organisation. Often, these may be the very characteristics that the manager believes helped them succeed so far that hold them back. We provide a systematic approach to helping the managers achieve a positive and measurable change in behaviour and move to where they want to go.


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