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Case Studies

White Spaces Consulting (WSC) strives to help leadership teams achieve quantum EBIDTA growth by building, aligning and managing organizational and human capital along with a bias for execution & Implementation support.

Our clients are a mix of complex global organizations, growing mid-sized businesses and companies somewhere in between.

Our case studies section aims to illustrate the breadth and depth of our practice by highlighting some of the projects we have completed. We hope that it will provide an understanding of how we help companies to enhance value for their business through People & Processes, and by eliminating the White Spaces in between!


Operational Turnaround - Courier Services Company

The client had exited a JV with an international player, which led to migration of customers and revenue. As a result, the client was strapped with large infrastructure & operating costs associated with the JV.

We identified four major cost heads, helped   reorganise the business, and enforced SOPs for reducing the same. As a result, within six months the client could realize substantial cost savings & improve their bottom line.

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Enhanced Project Profitability - Engineering Construction & Infrastructure Development Company

A large construction firm with multiple projects across India had long and delayed project durations. Project time line slippages and excess petty cash transactions were leading to both revenue loss and high costs for the company.

We benchmarked Global firms for structures, processes & practices in Indian projects, identified show-stoppers and performed Audit of key processes. Based on this, we suggested & helped implement recommendations.

As a result, over the next 3 years, on time project completion improved by 23%, project profitability increased by 13% & on site petty cash expenses reduced to 3% of the total project cost.

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Business Process Improvement - Healthcare Group

The client's chain of hospitals had grown into a strong brand promising five star medical care to patients who otherwise may have gone abroad for treatment. This was in 1994 when Hospitals as a business was new to India, therefore no benchmarks were available.

The client wanted to further improve the quality of service at better costs and thereby enhance business performance. Using surveys and process study, we helped identify gaps between needs and offerings, reengineered processes to serve patients better and helped reduce wastage.

One key output was identification of the criticality of non-medical services, such as Nursing, Pantry Service time towards the promise of 'five star quality' service. We then helped improve these functions using Parasuraman's Service Quality Model.

As a result, average service time across various service points fell by 34% thus increasing median satisfaction scores from 2.7 to 3.9 on a 5 point scale within 8 months.

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Delivering Process-led Organisation Transformation - Automobile Company

A leading automobile player, with dominance in rural markets was planning to enter the urban space with launch of an SUV. The challenge for us was to create a completely new organization, with its processes and capabilities geared to compete and succeed in Urban Markets.

We helped develop a comprehensive process based organization, focused on delivering the needs of the urban auto market. Also, defined roles & goals for benchmark and key positions.

As a result, client could see easier and better market acceptability of the SUV rollout, which led to their establishing themselves in the Urban markets.

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Management and Leadership Development - Global Communications Company

A Global Communications leader with large Operations in India, had over the years, through business and individual Growth created a pool of enthusiastic and talented managers and leaders.

The organisation now required Systematic management development to propel it to the next level of growth.

We implemented Leadership Development in two phases - as a result, retention of top performers went upto 94%, lateral hiring for senior positions reduced by more than 50% and Employee Score cards recorded development of Managerial capabilities.

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Improving Salesforce Productivity - FM Radio Channel

Client was strapped with High License & Royalty fees paid out during initial growth, faced stiff Competition from dominant Players and was following "Loss Leader" strategy.

The only way to revive the organisation was to enhance the Sales per employee, to propel revenue growth.

We introduced various measures such as migration and restructuring of sales structure, re-engineering sales eco-system, profitability analysis reports, sales performance scorecards, combined the marketing & programming function, outsourcing low yield retail to franchise.

We also supplemented by tweaking and aligning of essential support systems & processes to increase "On-Field" time.

As a result ,sales revenue increased 62%, Sales force productivity increased from Rs 6.5 lakh/month to Rs 13.4 lakh/month in 9 months and low yield sales were moved to franchises.

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Aligning R&D Organisation to Business Strategy - Pharmaceutical Company

A leader in generic drugs, the client wanted to establish it's presence in the research driven proprietary prescription products.

We identified the Strategic alignment between R&D and Sales department as the main hurdle towards growth in the prescription products market.

Restructuring of the R&D department, along with setting clear market centric performance measures, led to the R&D being split into R&D development and R&D management. This led to faster launch of more marketable products, improved employee productivity and bridged the gap between sales and R&D.

Within one year, average cost/ new product launched reduced by 18% and Employee cost reduced by 21%

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Building a High Performance Culture - Urban Cooperative Bank

Asia's largest urban cooperative bank was facing the critical issue of low productivity. The biggest challenge was the "absence of a performing culture" which was impacting organizational growth and competitiveness.

We designed and implemented a Comprehensive Performance Management system using Balanced Scorecard approach for the leadership team, which was then cascaded to top 150 employees. We also created detailed processes & templates, rolled out by the HR department.

Within six months, attrition at Corporate & Branch level reduced by 5% and Employee productivity increased by 17%.

Impressed with the results, we were mandated by the Board to deliver further projects across the HR spectrum, which were also successful.

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Productivity Improvement in a Steel Company

A leading manufacturer of Hot Rolled Steel coils, was unable to fully
utilize one out of its three main processes (Hot Rolling), and the challenge
for us was to increase productivity without any capital investment.

We began with value stream mapping to identify constraints in Steel making
shop(SMS) at organizational level and conducted process measurement and
analysis of all activities involved in each operation. Basis this analysis,
we then used SMED lean techniques to reduce cycle time and improve the
availability of the Electric Arc Furnace- which helped us to improve the
utilization of the "Hot Rolling" process.

As a result, EAF setup time reduced to 16 minutes from 20 minutes. Per day
steel production increased by 611 metric tons. And company achieved annual
savings of Rs 90 crores.

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