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About Us
Who we are

White Spaces Consultants are a close-knit team of seasoned professionals with multi-industry and transnational experience, who thrive on their vibrant, informal yet disciplined work ethic.

With a Business Performance Improvement (BPI) consulting approach, we:

  1. Are committed to improving business performance and results, NOT delivering pre-packaged, linear solutions.

  2. Contextualise to the client’s culture and constraints, asking focussed questions to gain a systemic understanding of the business and its competitive environment.

  3. Employ rigour and a solution-neutral approach for determining:
    (a) expected results and gaps
    (b) barriers to performance
    (c) changes required for achieving results
    (d) impact of changes initiated on results

  4. Are equipped with a broad gamut of strategies and tactics for results improvement, enabling us to recommend appropriate solution sets for achieving desired performance.

  5. Have a bias for execution and implementation support, rallying managers across functional or departmental silos.

  6. Work as Programme Managers - where client situation demands - coordinating efforts of Subject Matter Experts, to ensure expected outcomes.

  7. Take ownership and accountability for improving business performance, committing a significant part of our fees to improved financials!


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